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HairGoodsWholesale.com  To find wig and hair goods Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Importers, Exporters, Drop Shippers, Wig Makers, Hair Factory Suppliers, and More

HairGoodsWholesale.com  Wig and hair Suppliers  To become a member of the directory so that resellers / Retailers can find you and buy from you.  

WigsWholesale.info for some background on the Wig & Hair Goods Industry InsidersClub™ and Who's Who Blue Book

HairGoodsIndustry.com  WigIndustry.com  for wig and hair goods industry information

AAWigBiz.com  A Site for Consumers to find some of the best wigs and hair from some of the top wigs and hair goods retail suppliers on the internet  

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